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Three Decades of Excellence.

Who we are and what we do

Destel Group was founded in 1991 by Captain Panagiotis Degreas. Today is one of the most recognizable names in the marine industry. Having a wide variety of recognized products in stock can supply customers from all maritime industry, public and private sectors. The company's offices are located in the heart of Piraeus. Destel is constantly growing by making new co-operations and always enriching its product catalogue and services.

Our international outlook is complemented by the long-term vision and values of a family-run firm thus, the company emphasizes in offering perfect services. In an ever-evolving and challenging market, our goal is to build relationships that emphasize trust and respect.

Company History

With the help of some of the most important milestones, you can follow Destel Group's growth towards the international group it has become today.


After a - more than a decade - highly commendable carrier serving Maritime Houses and their vessels as an officer, first officer and Captain, the decision to create and develop a reliable and ahead of its time, spare parts supply company was made, thus setting the cornerstone for the future of the Group, and for Destel to become one of the leading Suppliers in Greece. Destel Marine was founded by Captain Panagiotis Degreas and started operating as a spare parts supplier in the centre of Piraeus, with the word family engraved to its core values.


Those three years played a vital role in developing key partnerships and creating trading arms extending the company's operations from Europe to across the world. Understanding the future and the need for holistic marine services Destel Marine was engaged in trading bunkers & lubricants worldwide.


Using the past five years as a market measurement and clients’ analysis it was more transparent than ever that offering holistic in-house services was the future of Shipping. This observation resulted in the foundation of Destel Group SMPC providing cabin and deck stores and provisions supply, whereas acting alongside Destel Marine covers every need of a vessel in every Greek port. Utilizing worldwide connections by the dawn of the new millennia Destel manages to be one of the few companies to be able to supply vessels in every port in China through our affiliated company based on Qingdao port, as well in several key ports worldwide (i.e. Singapore, U.A.E., and more).

''Our international outlook is complemented by the long-term vision and values of a family-run firm''


The passion for development leads to the establishment of Destel Shipping Agencies LTD increasing our area of services but always under the Destel reliability. Immediately and due to the already established connections in Greek ports Destel Agencies manages to cover all procedures for safe passage, cargo handling (wet & dry) and providing full services and crew changes for every type of vessel – not only - across every port in Greece, but in Singapore and China through our representative offices.


Whilst using Destel Marine as a trader of bunkers & lubricants so far, the dream for further development in the field was finally materialized in Dubai with the establishment of Destel Energy DMCC, wherewith an already extensive clientele would be a hub for further expansion and development, by trading marine bunkers, lubricants & refined oil products. The already established experience as a business developer and bunkers’ supplier/trader gives the ability to provide efficient quality services, along with competitive prices to its customers in full compliance with the latest international rules and regulations.



Our vision is to provide global excellence. To ease your burden as a Ship Owner or as a Charterer. We are committed to providing our clients with reliable and professional maritime services and solutions emphasizing safety, health, quality, and environmental sustainability.


1.  Create operational efficiency.

2. Increase transparency.

3. Out of the box thinking for optimal solutions.

4. Aspiration for high-quality services.

5. Pursue continuous improvement.

6. Technological adaptation to safeguard the future.

7. Reliable and unwavering to our commitments.


Our core values are inscribed in our company name:

What DESTEL means





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